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Celabor SCRL

Votre partenaire scientifique & technique aux compétences multiples

Avenue du Parc 38
Z.I. de Petit Rechain
4650 Chaineux

Bedrijfsinformatie Celabor SCRL


CELABOR offers scientific and technical services to companies in the following sectors:

- Food Technologies Nutrition: development of products with nutritional allegations, improvement of recipes, increase of shelf-life, characterisation of foodstuff...

- Food Technologies Extraction: plant extraction using « green » extraction processes, assistance for extraction, purification, formulation and stabilisation of high-added value molecules, characterisation of the extracts...

- Packaging (raw materials and finished products): characterization ofraw materials, food packaging processes, interactions packaging/foodstuff, shelf-life improvement, migration tests...

- Environment: : waste water treatment, treatment and recycling of industrial waste, life cycle analyses, carbon footprint, advice on obtaining environmental certificates...

- Textiles: characterisation of fibres, quality control of finished products, composite materials studies...

CELABOR is active in Research and Development (tailored R&D project for private companies, European research projects) as well as in quality control of products, materials, packaging... and can also develop specific method analyses on demand.

Algemene informatie

Oprichtingsjaar 1995
Number of the establishment unit 2073532574
Enterprise number 0455511010
Juridische vorm CVBA/SCRL
Type bedrijf Hoofdkantoor
BTW BE0455511010
Fax +32 87 34 13 87
Website http://www.celabor.be

Kerncijfers Celabor SCRL


  • Op het adres

    40 Werknemers

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    40 Werknemers


  • 2014

    2 tot 5 miljoen EUR

Kaderleden Celabor SCRL


M. Yves Houet

General Manager

Frans, Engels

Ms. Caroline London

Department Manager Food Technologies Nutrition

Frans, Engels

M. Sébastien Cajot

Department Manager Food Technologies Extraction

Frans, Engels

M. Marc Cludts

Department Manager - Environment

Frans, Engels

M. Xavier Joppin

Department Manager Textiles


M. Frédéric Verdin

Admin/Financieel Directeur/Verantwoordelijke


Mr. Stéphane Kohnen

Directeur/Verantwoordelijke Projecten


Activiteiten Celabor SCRL

Andere classificaties (voor sommige landen)

NACE-BEL (BE 2008) :
Overige technische testen en toetsen (71209)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Technische testen en toetsen (7120)
Technical testing and analysis (7120)