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Atomizer Kozmetik Dış Ticaret A S

Esenevler Mahallesi
Korupark Sokagi No:1 Umraniye
34688 / İstanbul /

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Bedrijfsinformatie Atomizer Kozmetik Dış Ticaret A S


As one of the leading manufacturers of colored cosmetics and skin care products in Turkey, Atomizer Kozmetik Inc. has been excelling its presence and capabilities to be a key player on a national and global basis for more than 50 years.

Our main area of business is Private Label but we also have our own brands such as Kajal , Kajal Art Of Make-up (for Make-up professionals) , Carla, Lilyum and Esteder.
Kajal ,  http://www.kajal.com.tr/
CARLA MakeUp ,  http://www.carlacosmetics.com.tr/
Kajal Art of Makeuphttp://www.kajalmakeupart.com/
Esteder  http://www.esteder.com/
Lilyum  http://www.lilyumcosmetics.com.tr/

Currently we serve clients from the US, UK, Europe, MENA region, Russia and far east with more than 500 distinguished range of liquid, powder, skin care and fx make-up products. PRIMARK and HEMA can top our giant Clients list where we are also a registered supplier of H&M and the official supplier and licensor of Disney.
Atomizer Kozmetik ensures quality by manufacturing within GMP rules, ISO 9001, ISO 22716 as well as possessing SEDEX and HELAL 22:2013 certificates.
Therefore we come strong in terms of:
  • SPEED & FLEXIBILITY- in terms of product development and price quotations.
More information can be found at www.atomizer.com.tr

Algemene informatie

Oprichtingsjaar 1962
Registration no 103 004 0744 Galata V.D.
Type bedrijf Hoofdkantoor - Fabriek
Fax +90 216 3167162
Website http://www.atomizer.com.tr


  • KAJAL  (Producent / Exporteur)

    KAJAL is Atomizer’s Premium level brand which offers its consumers a top quality make up experience and joy. KAJAL has an elite and simplistic brand image and its popularity is well known in Middle East, Gulf and North African beauty markets. KAJAL was designed and being developed for A, B+, B segment consumer segments.

  • CARLA MAKE UP  (Producent / Exporteur)

    CARLA is Atomizer’s modern and joyful brand which offers its consumers an everyday make up experience with affordable prices. CARLA product range was developed with stylistic black packagings to offer a very wide range of product range and is very popular is some markets with its 250+ regular and matte nailpolish colors. CARLA was designed and being developed for B, C+, C segment consumer segments.

  • LILYUM  (Producent / Exporteur)

    LILYUM is Atomizer’s metallic designed make up brand which offers its consumers high quality make up experience.LILYUM’s smokey metallic designed components are for those whom like to experience the high quality experience in metallic dressings. LILYUM was designed and being developed for B+,B segment consumers.

  • ESTEDER  (Producent / Exporteur)

    ESTEDER is Atomizer’s Skincare brand offering some regular and special extracts involving hand, foot and body care products. ESTEDER product range involves some special extract and vitamins included products targeting the consumers who need various kinds of outer help and support to their skin metabolism.ESTEDER products are not medicines but only supportive skincare products involving various kinds of natural oils and extracts.


Gebied: Midden-Oosten, Afrika, Centraal/Oost-Europa, Centraal-Amerika, Wereldwijd, West-Europa, Noord-Amerika, Zuid-Amerika, Centraal-Azië, Azië-Pacific

Kerncijfers Atomizer Kozmetik Dış Ticaret A S


  • Bedrijf

    Van 50 tot 99 Werknemers


  • 2017

    120.000.000 TRY

  • 2016

    75.000.000 TRY

Kaderleden Atomizer Kozmetik Dış Ticaret A S


  • Bay Aral Üstün

    Verkoopassistent (Satış Sonrası hizmetler Uzmanı)


  • Bay Alper Özölmez